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Safari 5.1 Portable Download Free

Safari 5.1 Portable Download Free

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Apple was widely criticized when it first launched many errors and a stable version of Safari for Windows. Since then, things have changed and Safari 5 has a long way with the introduction of the new Readers icon for easier page reading, faster load times from pages and aansienlikeverbeterde support for HTML5 better video support and stability.

All the original features like the tabs above for easier management pages and Cover Flow, flick through the search for viSaytoveITunes gayadiawetkan.

The apple contacts were very sweet

Safari is the first browser for Windows, which offers the most popular sites, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of safari. The most popular sites show the most visited panoramic thumbnail of sites on an eye shield. Just click on the window you want to visit, to go directly to the site. If you tend to visit the same places every day, Top Sites is an easy way to access readers skoroOtvoriteWithout access to bookmarks. This is also a good way to become the most visited website track and get your favorite sites including one place, so you always know where you open Safari. Websites with stars in the corner to show that with new content so you can instantly see which of them are dating.

While Cover Flow will be familiar to all iTunes users, you can browse through the trusty stranitsaSaytove bookmark last time youWill see them. This principle is a browsing album based on iTunes. Although it looks great, its usefulness is questionable.

Search history is useful. Go just a word and Safari open every page cache with that word – very useful when you do not remember where the heljy is someone’s name or a particular play.

Additives such as Readers let you see all your ednoStranitsa content, but there is no way to change the font. There are several search options for the search box in Safari,Sojy locked in Google.

Other useful features in Safari including the Tab on Top, which makes it a bit easier for access and the open tabs at the top of Safari. You can even drag and drop tabs to other Safari windows.

Daarbenewensdit lives up to all the standard features in Safari. Click on the RSS bar marker with mozheteVizhte URL of all publications on this issue that you can think in chronological and detailed or headline.

Stable and easy to use

Safarielimineer errorMost initially made it uncomfortable to use the computer and is now very stable and easy to use browser. HTML5 support has been improved, meaning that you can now view videos with HTML5 in full screen mode and the ligginggewingHTML5 feature is now available for Safari users.

NavigatsiyaV Safari is made much easier, thanks to the projection URL bar that actually searches for cache web pages for keywords and archiving when exactly specific editing pages are morePrecise and more accurate. Speed ​​is always important for Safari, and Apple has been accelerated with an enhanced Nitro engine, which claims that JavaScript comes out faster than previous versions.

Not the best, but definitely funny

Safarinie is available pristavkiV, compared to Firefox and Chrome, but no one denies that Safari brings a touch of style and class to Apple computers.

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