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FIFA 11.2 32bit-64bit Update Download

FIFA 11.2 32bit-64bit Update Download

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FIFA 11 – this is the latest version of the popular series of AA football matches. It includes a number of major improvements in FIFA 10 that makes it ridiculously realistic simulator of the real thing and a worthy competitor to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

Captivated by the previous version of FIFA, was difficult for us to imagine how he could improve his football simulator EA smooth. However, after several games of the demo version, it became clear that it was not just cosmetic changes.

refined gameplay

ImprovementsInygameplay in FIFA 11 made him feel much more like real football. The new system Personality + mean that the players move and act in the same way as in real life. This means, for example, Wayne Rooney Manchester United will charge after the ball, when it notIn possession; While his partner Dimitar Berbatov in the more subtle attacks, waiting for something!

Other venues for AI help make FIFA 11 the most enjoyable version so far. althoughexample, on cross-country it is now normal to see body ball comes to ballMore multi-player. You will also notice that few players faster than in FIFA 10.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is the ability to control the goalkeeper, who seemed very natural and adds an additional element to the gameplay.

FIFA introduced HandballFirst is 11. When the defender will be located in the line of the picture, he can keep his hand out to block it. The frequency of handballs somewhat higher than in real life,but you can turn it off or decide they ynpeidiwch occur in situations punishment.

FIFA11 has passed more advanced system, which provides greater control over the distribution of balls you. The Pro Passing function allows you to measure more accurately tickets through their presses. Also the repertoire of tickets are being improved, and now you can perform pieces with deviation, Clicks, driving blades and rotation applyReverse the balls.

One of the changes we did not like the penalty systemnew, based on the power bar. Stop the pointer in the ddelle very difficult, because it takes some time to press the button. This makes assessing finesIn FIFA 11 difficult task.

graphic settings

At first glance, the graphics do not look as FIFA 11 the one that was the most recent version. However, when you start to see close-ups or repetition, you realize that the likelihood of the players now moreRealistic. The player uses EA fake pictures, and the expressionnow face more diverse and varies depending on the player.

Another neat addition is the ability to download 11 iFIFA your own audio for use in the game. You canRecord your own chants, add audio files to the actual team chants and decide on the music the team will end with it.

FIFA11 game modes are still composed of a variety of game modes, including officially licensedLeague, exhibitions, training and Be a Pro. One significant change this timereorganize the approach the manager, who is now being called a career mode, and will be integrated with Be Pro. Now this is more related to the fact that you as a player before becoming a coach boddechrau player and, in the finalAccount, full-fledged manager.

These exciting new features, along with a super intellectual gameplay, FIFA 11 makes quintessential football.

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