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DimScreen 1.1 64 Bit free download

DimScreen 1.1 64 Bit free download

Download here

DimScreen app is easy to change a small amount of the effects, which have received such great Savior screens. For this purpose, Laptops provide two shortcuts (FN and two function keys); Those computers and desktops, these keys do not work, or it does not prove that the value DimScreen.

Because that does not require executable file folder DimScreen instructed in any form of SED dolor. Notice of the right to choose the icon opens clicks on big help identify tenGradus. Finding the icon, DimScreen is placed in the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts are used. A configuration in the Settings menu. Function keys are a good alternative to laptops. Also when choosing your ability to provide DimScreen brightness can be activated with which will launch the program.

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