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UC Browser 8 free download

UC Browser 8 free download

Download here

UC Browser is a fast internet browser and lean on your Blackberry mobile phone.

Actually, there is more than one browser for mobile Blackberry mobile phone models, but if you still find it for you, check UC Browser.

What was brought to the table

UC Browser has a number of features that help you make it stand out. To begin with, the homepage provides a quick access link selection, divided into subject areas, such as UC HiburanDan own recommendations.

Needless to say, there are tab tabs, and page managementoptions.It also has nice window browsing features, and a set of options that are displayed clearly when pressing the Menu button.

UC Browser also has a number of features that do not favor other browsers, namely nightly and distributed via SMS / Whatsapp. Similarly, there is no quick feature with others, more commonly, such as Twitter or Facebook.

How does UC Browser look?

Unfortunately, UC Browser’s biggest problem is the eye – and it’s plain ugly. Ok, so clear and easy to read, but the web page becomesConsideredby the show application like something from 1993 at the beginning, I thought we were having trouble!

I also read problems with the video when using UC Browser, but you do not know where the developer’s website is where the video format should be supported.


UC Browser is a powerful blend in the area, and weak in others.

What’s new

blocking ad

New Text View

Color page DisesuaikanPilih your favorite background color to any webpage.

Navigation Maps BaruMudahUse navigation guidance with a dropdown menu redesign.

30% -60% more cepatMemuate Download Facebook Page Facebook 30% -60% FastDibandingkanDengan Other popular browsers.

Resume all downloads tergangguHematic usage of data and time to continue all downloads are stopped when stopped.

Less time MenungguTunggu less than moving from one page to another.

CepatStartup starts faster when you open the browser.

MeervideoPilih a lot of choice to play your favorite video player for playingOf videos online and offline.

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