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The Originals S04E18 online full episode

The Originals S04E18 online full episode

The original series is a split that originated from the vampire diaries. Thousand years, promised a vampire family of origin to each other that the family power and promised to be together forever. Ages are passed and crushed the family ties. Klaus Elson leader Mika French Quarter of New Orleans, helped to build the city of your family. protects the former, Marcel, now under control. Elijah is Klaus in New Orleans, where they find a werewolf eHaleyeen powerful witch named Sophie.Klaus mempunyaitidak plan to respond to protect now in power and determined to win back the city and with the power to reunite his family. While waiting for her to go, Klaus, Elijah and assistants formed an alliance with him to ensure that the original uncomfortable again ruled New Orleans.

The Originals S04E18

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