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Kindle 1.20 fast-dl Download Free

Kindle 1.20 fast-dl Download Free

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If you’re a Kindle reader owner, or just want to have an idea what goes all the e-books, Amazon Kindle for PC proves your desk.

Easy installation, and it will be synchronized automatically with your Kindle is, and will be associated with any Kindle files you put on your computer. If you read the notes and bookmarks from your Kindle device, they will be transferred to leser calculator. The interface is clean and very basic. A Home button, you neemNaRydychlibrary, which can be ordered by title, author, or most recently.

You can also buy on Amazon e-books, but it will open a browser – no native Kindle shop in the app not. Double-click the book, and it opens. You can use the notes and bookmarks you create, view and create new bookmarks (but not notes etc). Slide to change the number of words per line, and you can view the font size can not wijzigen.U resize ffont.Gweinyddu easily, by sleutelbordOf mouse.

One of the disadvantagesleser lectern that your screen is probably not as comfortable to read as screen Kindle is doing. For this reason, it is a pity that the program will have no special version of the text to make it easier on the eye, or contrast or helderheidskontroles. You can not identify notes or add notes, also makes it basically.

Amazon Kindle for PC is a functional e-book leser but no options acnodweddion to apply nieSuperlative truth.


Use the Dictionarybuilt-in to browse seamlessly without interrupting your reading the definitions of English words.

Read a complete column or using the standard screen with a display larger multi-column adjust automatically based uwschermgrootte.

Choose whether you want to scroll through your library in teëlweergave or lysaanzicht.

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